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We specialize in designing and manufacturing neon signs that are imaginative, strong, and eye-catching. You’ll be able to plan your exceptionally claimed neon sign with our neon sign manufacturer and get a moment to cite!

Who We Are

You&Me has the foremost trusted neon signs manufacturer with 100% quality with progressed advances and high-quality raw materials guarantee quality.

We underpin you to induce one-of-a-kind competitiveness in your lighting projects. Our one-stop generation of neon signs, from raw materials to wrapped-up items, gives us the advantage of quick conveyance with no customer complaints.

Full Process Production Control

You&Me offers one-stop neon sign manufacturing, from SMT to wrapped-up item assembly.

Strong Inhouse Team

You&Me will be your best accomplice worldwide, continuously donate good signs and arrangements and back your business.

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What types of neon lights can we provide

outdoor neon sign

outdoor neon sign

Our outdoor neon signs are built to resist anything nature can throw at them. These neon signs are housed in interior commercial review aluminum, painted in a sparkle dark. All our business neon sign makers can be made for exterior use for an extra expense.

indoor neon lights

Indoor neon lighting comprises brightly shining, zapped glass tubes or bulbs that contain thin neon or other gasses. A neon tube could be a fixed glass tube with a metal cathode at each conclusion, filled with one of some gasses at low weight.

indoor neon lights
neon sign for business

neon sign for business

Neon signs are an extraordinary way to include identity in your business. You may use them for marketing your brand, attracting customers, and setting your company apart from competitors.

Start Customizing Your Neon Sign!

Looking for a fun way to spice up your activity? Online, you can find our new cool & funny neon signs. Use a colorful & funny neon sign to call attention to your event!

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How to Customize Your Neon Signs


Contact us for a quote
Have you possessed a work of art or symbol? Transfer it here! Or fair, tell us what you’re searching for.


Confirm the design
Open our custom neon builder and, sort within the wording for your sign, select your text style, color, and measuring.


Arrange production
Your order will go into our production line, and we will let you know as soon as your sign is prepared!


Test before shipment
We will ship your neon sign to your door after carefully inspecting and putting all of the neon sign’s additional elements into their boxes.


You received it
Neon signs might be used and presented, and you’ll be proud of the originality of your design.

Why you choose us

With about years of involvement in the neon signs manufacturing industry, we have set up a culminated and steady supply framework, a developed production services group, a group of gifted production line laborers, and a strict quality control system.

Most loved and trusted

We have rapidly ended up being the most adored and trusted neon sign provider for great reason.

Best Value

We offer the best value within the biz. Our custom neon signs come with an inaccessible, and we will coordinate any like-for-like site.

Most Innovative

We are continually growing our collections, imagining new thoughts, and attempting to apply our badass neon to as numerous applications as conceivable.

Safe to Use

Our neon sign is safe to handle and touch when exchanged on. This implies our item is safe to utilize locally or in any open space.

Guaranteed Quality

We guarantee that our signs will be of the most excellent quality, and we have a strict quality control check input for each character we dispatch.

Energy Efficient

They are practical and won’t break the bank when your power charge arrives each month.

Our Happy Clients!

“Their neon signs are naturally friendly. I adore the quality of the items. Moreover, their deals agent is proficient and continuously reacts to my questions rapidly. Nice experience!”
Jack Hilton

Jack Hilton

CEO of Birdman Inc.
“The neon signs are of nice quality, and the led lights are brighter than the conventional neon signs. I adore the beautification of the neon sign. It looks rich. I will come back for more!”
Monica Anderson

Monica Anderson

Sales Director BDC Corp.

“The You&Me items were nice! They have brighter light, and you’ll see they are continuously quality signs. I unquestionably prescribe this brand.”

Ericka Smith

Ericka Smith

Support Analyst BNP Ltd. Corp
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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, it is given for each arrangement as default installation kits. If you would like Screws and Chains instep, if you don’t mind, advise us.

Neon signs can be effortlessly and securely introduced in 10mins. We send you a super basic screw unit with each piece. Otherwise, you can include command stripes in your arrangement at checkout. Please select where you need it, hang it up, and plug it in! If you have any questions about the establishment, contact us.

Yes, our neon signs are carefully assembled, don’t contain gas or mercury, work with 12 Volt DC Control Supplies Connectors, and have no hazard when the light turns on.

Sales Questions

Neon Sign cost changes depending on sign estimate and plan complexity. Our custom-made neon signs are exceptionally reasonable with our production line cost that others can not beat.

Please take the time to go through our range of items. For more straightforward navigation, we’ve sorted them into categories. Check out and add your preferred neon signs to the cart!

We are accepting credit cards, bank-to-bank transfers, and Paypal transactions.

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