Top 5 Benefits of Neon Sign Advertising

Examples of neon sign advertising in a US city
Examples of neon sign advertising in a US city

For a long time, neon sign advertising has been used to grab the attention of potential customers. Hard to ignore, these signs provide a unique way to brighten storefronts, giving passersby an eye-catching image to remember. Several reasons explain why neon is used in advertising signs. Read more about them below.

What are Neon Signs Used For?

You can use neon signs to either promote your business or simply add an eye-catching look to events and other places such as the homes. When used to decorate spaces, these signs offer a way to add some color and life to any room. It can be a sign to make a statement, or just as an artistic way of increasing the ambience.

Most often, though, neon signs are used as advertising elements. Neon light advertising is especially effective in attracting potential customers to a business — it provides maximum visibility, even from afar. In this context, neon signs may to direct people to the restaurant or store entrance.

For example, you can use a colorful neon sign to display the name of your business, an advertisement such as “Open” or “Sale”, or even a slogan. Also, to mark the entrance of a special event or designate certain areas within an existing space, such as seating or dancing places.

Neon sign advertising for a drycleaner business
Neon sign advertising for a drycleaner business

Advertising Neon Signs

Advertising neon signs are types of signs that use neon lighting to create a bright and hard-to-forget display. These signs are popular for outdoor advertising and can be seen in many locations, including businesses, restaurants, nightclubs, retail stores, and car lots.

The neon used in advertising signs may be true neon gas, or it may be a combination of other gases such as argon, xenon, or even mercury. The first neon advertising signs appeared in the 1900s. Since then, these signs have become synonymous with businesses and organizations all over the world.

So why is neon used in advertising signs? There are many reasons that explain why neon is used in advertising signs and why this type of signage remains a preferred way to promote businesses today, many years after its invention.

A neon advertising sign for business a establishment
A neon advertising sign for business a establishment

Why Neon is Used in Advertising Signs

Neon lighting is used in advertising signs because it provides a bright and eye-catching color. You can see it afar, and it offers a unique look that stands out from other types of signs. Below is a list of the main benefits of neon signage when used to advertise a business, event, or promote product.

1. Neon Sign Colors

Advertising neon signs are a colorful way to draw attention to your business. They’re also available in many different hues. As we saw earlier, you can use these to grab attention in storefronts, lobbies, and other high-traffic areas. When choosing one, consider the desired effect you want to achieve.

For example, if you are looking to create an inviting atmosphere in a bar or restaurant, multi-color neon sign with a unique shape may do just that. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more simplistic look to display your business name and logo, a single-color sign may be just what you need

The variety of neon sign colors also includes an array of shades and color combinations, allowing businesses to capture the exact look and feel they want for their sign. For instance, a café may choose a pink and white neon sign to capture the look of their shop.

2. Neon Sign Design

One of the benefits of neon sign advertising is the ability to select from a variety of designs; or what can be called going for a custom neon sign design. That means the freedom to choose anything, from a simple text font to a custom logo that features the business’s mascot.

Apart from neon sign letters and logos, businesses can also opt to create custom shapes with their neon signs. This allows them to further customize their advertisement and stand out from the competition — in a unique way.

When selecting the design of your advertising neon sign, be sure to strike the right balance. If a certain neon sign design is too busy, it could be hard to read from afar. On the other hand, if a design has too few elements, then people may not take notice of it.

3. Neon Sign Lifespan

The typical neon sign lifespan ranges from 40,000 to 75,000 hours. That translates to about 8-15 years of service — long enough to make these signs worth the investment. Note that this is the average life of glass neon signs. These are signs that used rare gases contained in a glass tube.

LED neon signs last slightly less than the glass neon versions, at around 10,000-20,000 hours. That adds up to a lifetime of from 5 to 10 years, making them less durable option. However, given that these signs are less prone to breakage, they still provide plenty of value over their life.

4. Neon Sign Electricity Usage

Neon advertising signs consume minimal electricity; they typically use only a few watts per hour, about 4 watts an hour for a foot of the tubing. This is way lower than what a fluorescent or incandescent lamp of similar size would consume, and makes these signs very cost-efficient. .

Using LED neon signs for advertising is even more affordable, as these signs are much more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts.

With LED neon signs, you get the same incredible look at a fraction of the cost. Typically, an LED-based advertising neon sign will only use about 20% less power when compared to a glass sign. Plus, dimming your neon sign can help you save even more when it comes to electricity usage.

5. Neon Sign Maintenance

A common misconception is that neon sign maintenance is demanding. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Neon signs are surprisingly low-maintenance pieces and don’t require a lot of attention once installed.

Although there may be some minor adjustments needed over time, such as re-securing or replacing cables, changing the glass and gas or transformer, these are not frequent if the sign is well taken care of. Additionally, LED neon signs require even less maintenance since LEDs do not need refilling with gas.


The benefits of neon sign advertising are clear and undeniable. As you can see, these signs offer businesses a unique way to stand out from the competition, while also providing long-term service with low maintenance requirements. Not only that, they’re also quite effective at capturing the attention of customers and providing an affordable form of advertising that requires very little energy to run.

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