What is the Best Neon Sign Board for Your Business?

Outdoor neon sign board for business advertising
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The best neon sign board for your business is one that stands out and captures the attention of passersby. It should accurately convey the identity of your business, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. But how do you know which sign will work best for? This and other questions about how to make a neon sign board for your business are answered below.

What is a Neon Sign Board?

To start us off, the neon sign board meaning: A neon sign board is a lighted sign that uses gas-discharge lamps to create an illuminated image or message. These signs are highly visible, making them great for attracting the attention of potential customers from far away.

Today, neon signboards can be seen almost anywhere, from small businesses to large corporations. They are often used for advertising, or for displaying company logos and messages in places where they can be seen by the most people.

It can be a glow sign board for shop and store fronts, or a sign that will be placed a few feet away and off the ground, such as in a park or on top of a building, and be seen during both day and night. The modern day neon sign board is also either a glass-based type or an LED-based sign.

Neon Light Sign Board

A neon light sign board is made of long glass tubes filled with a gas that glows brightly when an electric current passes through it. This type of signboard offers the most vivid and vibrant colors, as well as smooth lines and curves.

Typically, you’ll see red, yellow, blue, green, white and purple being used in neon light sign boards. A neon light signboard will generally last a very long time, but requires a bit more to run than LED neon sign boards. You’ll also need to have an expert technician install or fix it.

Neon LED Sign Board

An LED neon sign board is a more affordable option than a neon light sign board. It’s usually made up of LEDs arranged in patterns and colors to form the required lettering or image. In addition, these signs are more energy-efficient and can be programmed to display various texts and image colors.

Compared to the neon light type, the neon LED sign board has its benefits. Despite its shorter lifespan than glass neon, it’s easier to install and maintain over time. These signs are also brighter and more visible during day time.

Neon sign board for motel business
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Neon Sign Board Design

A neon sign board is more than just a lighted sign that bears your business’s name. It can effectively highlight the unique identity or message of your particular business. So, whether it’s the shape, design, or colors used in the sign, it needs to accurately convey who you are and what you do: that’s where proper design comes in.

Outdoor Neon Sign Board

Your business’s neon sign board will most likely be placed outdoors, so it needs to stand up to the elements, in addition to making a visual impact. Your outdoor neon sign board will typically feature durable materials that protect the gas and prevent it from leaking out or breaking.

They’ll also usually be built to an IP rating that makes them weather-resistant, able to withstand strong winds, rain, sun and other environmental factors. In terms of visual impact, the size, design and colors of your outdoor neon sign board should be easy to see from far away and easily readable.

Neon Sign Board Customized

To make sure that your neon sign board stands out and conveys your business’s message, you may want to consider customizing it. A customized sign board can be tailored to fit the exact size, shape and colors of your business’s image or logo.

If using LED lighting, you can also program the sign to display different kinds of texts or images. You want your custom neon sign board to be an effective marketing tool that accurately portrays and that means adding your business’s identity. Remember, the goal is to create an eye-catching sign that will draw customers in.

An example of outdoor neon sign board
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Neon Sign Board Price

Depending on your type of business, its location, and other factors such as the desired sign size, colors, font, and design elements, the cost of neon sign board can vary widely. Different neon sign board manufacturers will also charge you different amounts. Here’s is a breakdown of the major factors, as well as advice on the options.

1. Size plays an important role in determining neon sign board cost. The larger the sign, the more expensive it will be. For a small sign board, expect to pay anywhere from $200-$500. Larger signboards may cost up to several thousand dollars.

2. If your sign board requires a custom design, such as logo and lettering, you will likely have to pay extra for it. Customization can range from simple designs to elaborate ones that require intricate work. This type of customization is usually more expensive than a standard sign board with pre-made graphics.

Additionally, there will also be other costs associated with running your neon sign board. Apart from the electrical expenses, you will also need to factor in the cost of regular maintenance and repairs. LED neon sign boards are more energy-efficient and require less maintenance. However, they lack the historical charm of traditional neon signs.


Neon sign boards can be an effective way to advertise your business and convey its identity or message. When designing your neon sign board, make sure that it is big enough to be seen from far away and easily readable. Also, choose colors identify with your business and contrast with the background. And, as we have seen, it helps to consider customization to make sure that your sign board stands out and is an effective marketing tool.

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