How to Effectively Use Neon Signs for Business

Using neon signs for business
Using neon signs for business

Using neon signs for business is one of the most captivating ways to attract attention: They provide a tool to drive more people through the doors. Plus, their nostalgic appeal can be a great way to evoke an emotional response in customers and make your business stand out. This article takes you through the basics of effectively using business neon signs.

What are Neon Signs Used For?

From the 1900s when they were first installed to promote businesses, to the modern day when they’ve been adapted for everything from home décor to office spaces, neon signs have been used for a wide range of purposes.

Common applications include advertising and marketing campaigns, lighted pieces that create festive atmospheres in restaurants or bars, as well as providing exterior décor on a building. Depending on the size and style of your business, you can customize your neon sign design to suit your business’s advertising needs.

Neon Signs for Business

Using neon signs for business is the most popular application for this type of signage. People often position them in places that are highly visible and likely to attract the attention of people passing by. Business neon signs are also usually either indoor or outdoor pieces, depending on the required purpose.

Indoor Neon Signs for Business

Indoor neon signs for business mean the types of signs that you’re going to see inside a business, such as retail stores and restaurants. These are designed to stand out from the rest of the interior décor and draw customers’ attention.

Indoor neon signs can be pieces that you hang up on the walls of your business or signs that you place in strategic locations. Use them to advertise special promotions, highlight products or services, provide directions, or just to make the atmosphere of your business more inviting.

Outdoor Neon Signs for Business

If you want to extend the reach of your business beyond the walls of your business, then outdoor signs are the way to go. These signs are visible from a distance and can attract people from across the street. Outdoor neon signs for business promotion can be signs that highlight your business name, logo, or slogan.

Use these to draw in customers from a far distance, or simply add curb appeal and visibility to your store front. Because they must remain visible from a distance, outdoor neon signs are usually larger than those used indoors.

Custom neon sign for business
Custom neon sign for business

Custom Neon Signs for Business

Once you’ve decided to use neon signs to promote your business, the next step is to create a custom piece that will stand out. For this, we recommend working with a professional sign maker. Here are some ideas to get you started. Note that these are just a few of the many possibilities when intending to use your custom neon sign for business purposes.

Logo Neon Signs

If you have a logo or brand image, consider creating a neon sign that features it. This is an effective way to make your business recognizable from the others in your area. Logo neon signs allow you to showcase the unique identity of your business in addition to all of the other benefits that neon signs provide.

Name Neon Signs

Your business name is an essential part of your brand, so why not highlight it in a neon sign? Name neon signs can be simple and straightforward or they can be more artistic and creative. Either way, they’re sure to draw the attention of customers and help them identify your business quickly. When designing this type of sign, be sure to use the font and colors that best represent your brand.

Slogan Neon Signs

If you don’t have a logo or an iconic business name, you can still make your mark with slogan neon signs. Use this type of sign to highlight a tagline or memorable phrase that sums up what you do in a creative way.

Slogan neon signs can also be used to promote specific services or products, such “We Make Cleaning Easy” for a cleaning company, or “Quality You Can Trust” to show a business that focuses on providing quality products.

You can also use your neon slogan to entice customers and create excitement around an event. Whether you go for a funny phrase or something more serious, neon sign slogans can be a great way to make an impact.

Neon Sign Art

For those who like to think outside the box, consider creating a neon sign that doubles as a piece of art. Your neon sign art can be abstract or representational, and is a great way to express your creativity while still showcasing what your business is all about. Custom neon signs give you the opportunity to create something unique and attractive that will draw attention from passersby.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Neon Sign?

The cost of a custom neon sign will depend on its size and design complexity, as well as if it’s a glass sign or an LED based sign. A simple logo or slogan can range from a few to several hundred dollars, while larger designs and more intricate art pieces can easily reach a thousand dollars.

If you’re looking for ways to save money, consider using a stock neon sign designs. You can also choose to work with an experienced sign maker who will help you create a design that’s within your budget.

In the end, no matter how much you spend on it, having a business neon sign is sure to bring more visibility and attention to your business. ​​


Using neon signs for business is one of the most popular to take advantage of the many benefits of this type of signage. Whether you go for a logo, name, slogan, or neon art, these signs can help draw people in from the street or create an inviting atmosphere. You only need to get creative with your design and use colors that identify with your brand for maximum impact.

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