Automotive Neon Signs

You&Me is proficient in various types of neon sign, designing and making gorgeous, madly high-quality custom automotive neon signs built to last. Neon light constructs their unique construction.

These adaptable custom neon sign for car can specifically supplant conventional glass neon with way better execution, lower fetched, and less demanding upkeep.

What Types Of Custom Automotive Neon Sign Can We Provide

Brand Automotive Neon Signs

Brand Automotive Neon Signs

Car dealerships displaying their sale business at the shop entrance
Shop Name Automotive Neon Signs

Shop Name Automotive Neon Signs

Mostly used by garages or repair shops to make their name obvious.
Pattern Automotive Neon Signs

Pattern Automotive Neon Signs

Visually explain its own value-added services, so that users can understand their business positioning.

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How To Customize Your Automotive Neon Sign


Contact us for a quote

Have your unique automotive neon sign made by us. Please feel free to contact us and get a quote.


Confirm the design

Our main, simple generator for personalized neon signs is focused on this task and helps you create the main sign theme using your text for neon signs.


Arrange production
After receiving your payment, we will hand over your arrangement to our production team, who will start assembling your sign.


Test before shipment

After thoroughly evaluating and placing all of the neon sign’s auxiliary products into their boxes, we will deliver your neon sign to your door in less than five days.


You received it

Custom car neon signs may now be used and installed for commercial purposes, and you can take pride in your design’s uniqueness.

Why Choose Our Automotive Neon Sign

Amazing quality

We offer a 12-months guarantee on our items. All our products have been quality-tested sometime recently in each shipment.


We also brag about utilizing the most recent neon flex innovation that's way lighter and more grounded than glass neon innovation.

Best Price

We offer only budget-friendly alternatives as compared to our competitors.

Safe and Long life span

The neon tubes have a long lifespan and stay cold and quiet. Our neon signs don't warm up, whereas they are exchanged on, indeed, for a longer time.

Dimmable Brightness

With our dimmable signs, you'll be able to choose fair how shinning you need the movement to be

Extra Resistant

Our custom neon signs are made of elastic tubing. Not at all like conventional neon signs. Our characters are, for all intents and purposes, indestructible. You don’t have to be stressed approximately it breaking.

What Automotive Neon Signs Components You Will Receive

neon light
neon light

Neon lights are colorful, shining, and dependable, so you see them utilized in signs, shows, and air terminal landing strips.

neon remote control
neon remote control

The inaccessible neon allows you to reduce the brightness, which may assist with the presentation while taking photographs in front of your current neon sign or integrating the neon light in a photo session.

neon switch
neon switch

Because the neon is connected parallel to the neon signs, a modest current passes through the neon while the control is off to operate the light neutrally.

neon wiring harness
neon wiring harness

We sell neon wire harnesses that frequently contain dark or white connections on either end, special tape or sleeves that hold them in place at specific intervals, and tackles with sleeves that run the entire length.

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