Custom Logo Neon Sign Manufacturer in China

We are one of the world’s leading custom logo LED neon sign makers. We offer a wide variety of cheap custom logo neon signs to thousands of people around the world. Our customized signs are made from high-quality LED flex, making them more cost-effective, rugged, and secure.

What Types of Custom Logo Neon Signs Can We Provide

Neon Mirror Boxes sign

Neon Mirror Boxes

Our neon reflects boxes are carved onto a reflect employing a laser, which makes them quite eye-catching.
UV Neon sign

UV Neon

Our Ultra-Violet neon lights are an unrivaled item in the neon signage industry, and we have tested this interesting combination a few times.
Neon Infinity Boxes sign

Neon Infinity Boxes

Neon interminability boxes give an optical figment cleverly accomplished by taking the neon tubing and molding it into your shape of choice at different times.
Neon in Print sign

Neon in Print

You select a print you like, and after that, we join a neon tubing plan that complements it and brings the project to life.
Neon Art sign

Neon Art

We also create our thoughts to make a person neon works of art merely to utilize as motivation for following neon signs logo.
Neon Only sign

Neon Only

We are ready to make your neon sign and send it to you in isolated components, prepared to be introduced.

Didn't Find Your Style?

Feel free to communicate with us for your bespoke logo neon sign!

How to Customize Your Logo Neon Sign


Contact us for a quote
Are you eyeing a 100% custom logo neon sign? Fill in a custom frame, and we’ll send you a quote and an offer within 24 hours.


Confirm the design
You’ll be able to turn your thoughts into a custom logo neon sign by utilizing our neon sign generator. Affirm your plan to have an exact mock-up before we proceed.


Arrange production
After you have assembled everything, our standard lead time generation runs from 2 to 3 weeks, from the arrangement to the ultimate conveyance.


Test before shipment
Once the customized neon sign logo is done, we have skilled teams to do the test run and quality checking before the shipment date.


You received it
The finished product will be sent to you immediately, provided you have the correct information for shipment purposes. No worries, we ship worldwide!

Why Choose Our Neon Light


All our neon lights are carefully assembled. We followed your desired specifications. Your custom neon sign logo is specially made for you.

24 months warranty

Our indoor and open-air neon signs have a 24-month producer guarantee covering bad things.

Hassle-free installation

Appropriate wall connection highlights for simpler installation. Plug your bespoke neon sign logo into a standard electrical outlet. Your new bespoke neon light is prepared to shine!

Vitality & Cost Productive

Our LED neon signs are both temperate and environmentally inviting. They have low vitality consumption and long hours of life expectancy.

Strong and Reliable

Our customized neon logo signs are made with high-quality material and top-range innovation for long-lasting usefulness.

7/24 Customer Support

You will take our specialists' assistance to understand the products' versatility and select the most excellent for your needs.

what neon components you will receive

neon light
neon light

You'll get our magnificent extension of LED neon lights to deal with and an excellent neon impact sign for your needs.

neon remote control
neon remote control

Get a free remote and dimmer with each sign requested, and we'll naturally include it in your purchase.

neon switch
neon switch

Your new bespoke neon logo sign comes with a fine line that plugs into a certified connector.

neon wiring harness
neon wiring harness

You'll be getting wiring harnesses made of high-quality material, formidable and viable to utilize.

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