Custom Neon Bar Sign Manufacturer in China

Looking for neon bar signs near me? Do you have a custom neon sign logo or custom neon bar sign that you want to put up in your bar? Get your custom LED signs from You&Me and have your bar spot lit up with the highest quality and most unique neon bar signs.

What types of Custom Neon Bar Sign can we provide

Open neon Signs

Open Signs

Attract customers with unique open signs and custom neon signs for your bar from You&Me.
Logo neon Signs

Logo Signs

Have a logo for your bar? Create the perfect neon sign for your bar with You&Me's custom LED signs.
Glass Tube neon sign

Glass Tube Lights

Light up the room with these unique glass tube neon lights that will set the perfect atmosphere for your bar.
Word neon sign

Word Lights

Create unique word signs and animations with our custom LED signs that will make your bar stand out.
Moving Message Boards neon sign

Moving Message Boards

Engage with customers and inform them about specials or events with You&Me's custom-moving message boards.
LED Edge Lit Signage neon sign

LED Edge Lit Signage

Create an eye-catching display with our LED edge-lit signage, perfect for any bar.

Didn't find your style?

Contact us directly for customization

How to Customize Your Neon Signs


Contact us for a quote
Get a custom quote for your next custom neon signs for room by contacting us and discussing your neon sign requirements.


Confirm the design
We’ll work with you to come up with the perfect design for your bar sign by rendering a 3D model of the design.


Arrange production

You&Me will arrange the production and shipping of your sign. Once completed, we’ll send it to you to install in your bar.


Test before shipment
Before we send out your custom neon bar signs, we’ll ensure that it is properly tested and working.


You received it

Enjoy your custom neon bar sign! Now you can have the perfect atmosphere for mood setting for your bar.

Why Choose Our Custom Neon Bar Signs

High-quality materials

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure we create a sign that will last for years to come.

Custom designs

We provide custom designs to meet your exact requirements, so you can create a sign that is unique to your bar.

Fast turnaround

Our production and shipping are fast and efficient, so you can have your sign in no time, causing little to no business downtime.

Affordable prices

We offer competitive prices to make sure our signs are affordable for all our customers, ensuring you get the best value.

Superior design

Our designs are superior in quality and we can work with you to create a sign that will make your bar stand out from the rest.

Excellent customer service

Our customer service team is always available to help with any of your queries or questions throughout the entire process.

what neon components you will receive

neon light
neon light

Expect to receive the neon bar signs as you want and as discussed during design and production.

neon remote control
neon remote control

Our remote control will help you easily customize the color and effects of your sign, be it transition or color changing.

neon switch
neon switch

We provide a switch that will control the power of your sign which is designed for easy installation and plugging.

neon wiring harness
neon wiring harness

We provide a wiring harness with a neon sign that is designed to provide superior protection of the electrical components.

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