Neon Happy Birthday Sign

Are you highly passionate about the Neon Happy Birthday Sign? These eye-catching neon light signs can attract customers to your business and earn for themselves in only a few short days! For any store, these neon signs are the pinnacle. These great neon signs will help you grow your business.

What Types of Neon Happy Birthday Sign Can We Provide

Custom neon infinity boxes

DIY neon happy birthday sign creates optical illusions by repeatedly molding the neon tubing into the desired shape.

Custom neon art

Neon is widely employed in contemporary art and is quite popular. By altering their concepts using neon, artists express their originality.

Traditional and LED neon lights

They produce light by combining many inert gases, which react to produce fluorescent hues as gas atoms release energy.

Custom neon on print

It offers beautiful, contemporary, and vibrant styles, and it makes it simple for us to make alterations to them.

Custom neon mirror boxes

These boxes are portable and are thoughtful gifts for people. These boxes enhance the aesthetic of any cafe or restaurant.

LED Neon Light

Since LEDs are covered in polymer jackets that help shield the diodes from harm, they are typically lighter and more robust than traditional neon lights.

Didn't find your style?

Contact us directly for customization

How To Customize Your Neon Happy Birthday Sign


Contact us for a quote

Do not hesitate to contact our staff if you require help selecting, hiring, or building a neon sign.


Confirm the design

The typeface and copy need to be updated. Use your own photos in place of the ones provided. You can select the concept you want.


Arrange production

Before you can quickly add animated GIPHY stickers or animated text to short graphic videos, you must arrange or organize your choices.


Test before shipment

The project can be duplicated, then you can test it on other platforms and select the one you wish to distribute it on by pressing resizes after duplication.


You received it

Following your purchase, it will take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver your product. We can also do rush orders.

Why Choose Our Neon Happy Birthday Sign

Customized Neon Signs

Neon Happy Birthday Sign can create any neon sign you desire in various typefaces and colors.

Low Energy, High Brightness

Neon Lights have a lifespan of more than 10 to 12 years and consume little energy.

Strong And Powerful

Using the energy-efficient technology, Neon Lights has intense light that lasts for years is guaranteed.

24 Months Warranty

A 24-month manufacturer guarantee covering the defects is included with our signage and Neon Lights.

Worldwide Shipping

Standard orders, including manufacturing and shipping, take 3-5 weeks. Customers can also contact us for rush orders.

Easy to Install

Neon Happy Birthday Sign manufacturer are fixed to premium, transparent acrylic stands, boxes, or backboards.

What Neon Happy Birthday Sign Components Will You Receive

neon light
neon light

Neon lights and signage are made from glass tubes filled with neon gas to provide a bright electric light.

neon remote control
neon remote control

The flashing speed of the LED neon lights can be adjusted. (On some models, optional or extra cost)

neon switch
neon switch

When the switch is activated, a neon bulb incorporated into the button illuminates and transmits electricity to the light source.

neon wiring harness
neon wiring harness

Another 3-6 feet cable from the wiring harness plugs into the socket.

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