How to Buy a Wedding Neon Sign: Important Tips

An example of a wedding neon sign backdrop
An example of a wedding neon sign backdrop

A neon sign can be a great addition to your wedding decor. Apart from the touch of elegance and glamour, a wedding neon sign provides for a unique feature that guests will remember for a long time. But finding the right sign can be quite a task what; what with all the different sizes, colors, and designs out there! Not to worry because, here, we’ll guide you on how to buy a neon sign for wedding décor and other needs.

Neon Signs at Weddings

Using neon signs at weddings can be a great way to add a special sparkle and create the perfect atmosphere — whether looking for something to light up your dance floor or the entrance of your reception hall.

A wedding neon sign can also be a memorable part of any photos taken during the day, especially if placed in a prominent spot. Plus, the soft neon glow can add atmosphere and create a romantic ambience for your guests.

For these reasons, many couples choose to have this type of sign as a feature of their special day. In view of that, what are some of the ways that you can use neon signs for wedding décor? Also, how do you go about finding the best wedding neon signs?

Wedding Neon Sign Ideas

If you’re thinking about incorporating a wedding neon sign into your décor, there are some great ideas you can use. These range from the fun to the romantic, but all with aim to make your wedding truly unique. Apart from the usual directional and welcome signs, you could also try some of the following ideas:

1. Neon Name Sign for Wedding

What could be more romantic than a neon name sign for wedding? Whether you choose just first names for the wedding sign, last name, or just your initials, this fun sign will add a personal touch to your special day’s décor.

In addition to being a perfect way to show off your name change as a married couple, a name neon sign can also be used as a backdrop for photos — an amazing way to capture the moment you become husband and wife and a great take-home item for your guests.

2. Wedding Neon Sign Backdrop

Want to add a little extra shine to your wedding photos? Try adding a neon sign backdrop! Wedding neon sign backdrop will help create a beautiful and memorable aesthetic, as well as serve as an unexpected yet stylish photo prop.

You can opt for traditional fonts, or if you want something extra special, customize the sign to make it stand out. Apart from the usual signs such as “Just Married” wedding neon signs, you can get creative with ideas such as:

  • “Our Love is Electric”
  • “Better Together”
  • “Love Never Fails”
  • “Soul Mates for Life”

Using a neon sign for wedding photo booth will add a unique twist to those candid shots of your guests and create an amazing photo op that they can share on social media – plus you can use it in your wedding album!

3. Neon Wedding Reception Sign

This is a fun way to add a personal touch to your wedding reception. There are lots of neon signs for sale that could serve as decorative pieces — from quotes to artwork and more — that you can use to set the mood at your event, whether you go for something more classic or modern.

Use a neon sign for wedding bar to help guests find their drinks, or signs that will light up the dance floor. You can also use them for directional purposes, such as pointing guests in the right direction to the guest book table, or even just to add some fun and whimsy!

Large neon sign for wedding
Large neon sign for wedding

What Size Neon Sign for Wedding?

The size of the sign you choose depends on the area that you are decorating. Neon signs come in a range of sizes to suit any space — from small and delicate pieces, to larger signs that can be used as an eye-catching backdrop.

When thinking about the size of your neon sign for wedding decor, make sure that it fits in the area you are decorating. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to go for a slightly larger sign so that it makes a statement and can be seen from afar. More about that below:

Small Neon Sign

Small neon signs are perfect for creating a subtle, intimate atmosphere that will provide a touch of romance to the day. These can be used as accent pieces throughout your venue or placed around the entrance to welcome guests. Small wedding neon signs can range from a simple sign with your initials or wedding date, to an intricate piece of artwork

Large Neon Sign

This kind of sign is useful for making an impact and drawing attention. From the dance floor to the reception area, a large neon sign will make sure that your guests get the party started and create unforgettable memories. Use a large neon sign for wedding entrance and it will look great in all the photos.

How to hang a wedding neon sign
How to hang a wedding neon sign

How to Hang a Wedding Neon Sign

Hanging a wedding neon sign is easy when you know how to. These signs will also usually come with all the necessary supplies, such as mounting hardware and instructions, to make the process to hang them even easier.

  • The most important thing to consider before you start is to make sure that the sign is securely fixed and won’t fall down or come loose during the event.
  • Use the provided mounting hardware and instructions to hang the sign.
  • Depending on your wedding neon sign size and weight, you may need to use additional support such as metal beams.
  • Additionally, if you are hanging your wedding neon sign outdoors make sure that it is securely fixed and waterproofed, as this will help to protect the sign from damage.
Custom neon sign for wedding
Custom neon sign for wedding

Custom Neon Sign for Wedding

Looking for something extra special to spruce up the wedding décor? A custom sign is one way to make the day even more memorable. Your custom neon sign will be a piece that guests will remember for years to come. The options are endless — you could have it made in any shape, size, and colors.

When designing a custom neon sign for wedding, be sure to take into account the colors and design that will best match your wedding’s theme. Consider adding a special message, such as the newlyweds’ names or a special phrase. You can even incorporate your wedding venue into the sign.


A wedding neon sign is one of the ways to add an extra spark of glamour to your special day. Regardless of whether you choose a ready-made design or customize your own, these signs are sure to be a unique and unforgettable addition to your décor. Make sure to pick the right sign size and use secure fixtures to hang it up if meant for that. With the right sign in place, you can be sure to make a lasting impression on your guests.

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